Psychologist in Bondi Junction

family psychology bondi junction sydneyYou've just clicked on this website. Chances are you're looking for something. You may know what you're looking for. It might be for yourself, or someone else, it may be for your child/children.

Or you may only have a vague idea or feeling that you're in need of help or guidance in some area of your life. You may be looking for information, short term or long term therapy, or just some direction through a maze you currently find yourself in.

Not everyone who sees a psychologist has a clear or definable mental health problem. Many people just need help clarifying decisions and/or actions that may need to be made in some aspect of their lives, like work or relationships. Some people find themselves feeling stuck and that their lives lack meaning. In these cases, a few sessions with a psychologist can help give clarity and purpose, to move you out of that rut and into the next phase of your li

If you do have a definable mental health problem, such as anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD or depression, then a psychologist has many skills that can help improve your ability to function effectively day to day and in the longer term. 

Kerry can help you achieve health and wellness in all aspects of life, through the use of proven psychological techniques and if requested, the selective use of individualised homeopathic medicines, Australian Bush and Bach Flower essences. Kerry offers a positive, natural and effective approach, recognising and nurturing the integration of the mind, body and spirit across the life span.

The combination of psychological insight, with therapeutic intervention and/or homeopathy as appropriate, allows for a highly individualised treatment plan whatever the presenting condition; and is suitable for all ages from babies, to children, adolescents and adults.

The unique combination of skills that Kerry brings to her work means that she is able assist in the treatment of mental, emotional disorders, and behavioural disorders and can support recovery from both acute and chronic illness